About the Paula Method

The Paula Method is a gentle exercise technique that anyone, of any age, can practice and enjoy to help enhance a balanced, healthy life, while increasing vitality.


The method activates a special biological system of ring muscles (sphincters) in the body. These circular-shaped muscles (such as the eyes, mouth, urethra and anus) are inseparable from the work of all of our bodily systems and are engaged in every action we perform in our daily lives. Everyday actions like breathing, eating, drinking, eliminating waste, sitting, standing, walking, climbing, lifting, pushing, singing and dancing, all activate the sphincters.

Paula Garbourg, who developed this method, discovered that all of the sphincters in the body are related and that each sphincter in the body supports the others. As a result, she realized that it was possible to heal an injured sphincter by activating a healthy one, even if they were very distant from one another and served different bodily systems. Paula developed a gentle exercise program to encourage the sphincters to heal, balance and perform at their optimal level in a pleasant and relaxing manner.

The Paula Method is beneficial for healing and treating many ailments that are connected directly or indirectly to the sphincters, including those that affect the pelvic floor (such as incontinence, organ prolapses, sexual dysfunctions and chronic pain), the breath (asthma), digestion (reflux, constipation and hemorrhoids), posture, and the voice. In addition, using Paula Method exercises as part of one’s rehabilitation program after surgery or an accident greatly enhances and speeds up the healing and recovery process.



About Paula Garbourg

Paula Garbourg (1907–2004) was born in Germany. In her youth, she studied ballet, piano and singing. When the Nazis came to power in Germany, Paula and her family moved to Israel. At the age of 35 she was diagnosed with a degenerative disease; the doctors were pessimistic, her illness was considered incurable, and she was told she would have to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life...


Paula decided to try to increase her physical abilities by exercising on her own. Relying on her knowledge of ballet and singing she intuitively invented her own exercises and found that her health began to improve. She also realized that most of the exercises she was using to help herself heal had something in common – they activated the sphincters. This made her very curious about the relationship between these ring-shaped muscles and the other muscles and systems of the body. Her personal search for a cure, and her ability to heal her so-called incurable disease, was the source of the method she continued to develop and research for the rest of her life – the method of exercising the ring muscles: the “Paula Method”.

For nearly 50 years, Paula researched, developed and taught her method to patients of all ages who were suffering from many different ailments and symptoms. Countless people were helped and healed by her method. Paula treated everyone as an individual and was able to instill the belief, even in clients with the most severe ailments, that the body has the power and ability to heal itself.

Before Paula died at the age of 97, she trained and certified generations of practitioners who share her vision and continue to teach her method. In Israel, her method is supported and recommended by the medical establishment and is covered by all medical insurance policies. It has been extensively researched and found to be more effective than many other approaches that deal with healing ailments and physical imbalances. Further details of the method and how it works can be found in Paula’s book The Secret of the Ring Muscles.