About Michal Mehler


Michal is a certified teacher of the Paula Method and a licensed massage and bodywork therapist. She works in the NY-NJ metropolitan area with men, women and children to help them heal and regain their well-being through a gentle and mindful approach to their bodies and needs.


Michal began to explore holistic ways of healing and balancing in her early 20s. Alongside her work as a special education teacher for almost two decades, she studied alternative approaches to health and natural living, including reflexology, reiki, channeling, physical diagnosis through palm and nail reading, natural birth control, menstruation awareness, macrobiotics and massage and bodywork therapy, in search of gentle, natural and pain-free ways of treating the human body.

She began to learn the Paula Method when looking for a gentle and non-invasive way to heal her pelvic floor and abdomen postpartum. Falling in love with the method’s free and feminine approach towards healing, and developing a complete trust in the human body’s ability to recover and restore itself, she felt she had found her destiny in life. She is hoping to make the method as widespread and renowned in North America as it is in Israel, allowing anyone who wants to heal themselves by this method to become equipped with the skills to do so.

What Michal loves most about the method is that it gives the power of change to the individual, meaning that they are not dependent on anyone else for improving the way they feel. When people learn the Paula Method, they acquire a technique which enables them to become attuned to their body’s natural responses and processes of healing – intuitively, creatively, spontaneously, gently, non-invasively, without pain and without relying on anyone else’s expertise.

Michal studied the Paula Method, and trained to become a certified teacher, through a 3-year training program taught by Corinne Shabbat, a senior teacher of the method. Corinne was Paula’s student, and worked as her personal assistant at her Tel Aviv clinic until Paula retired. Corinne has been training new teachers for over 20 years, and has certified dozens of teachers both in Israel and abroad. Michal is a member of the teacher’s association of the Paula Method.

The majority of Michal's work is done one-to-one with private sessions, to allow complete focus and attention on the individual’s needs.

She also holds small group classes, focusing on specific subjects such as: Introduction to the Paula Method, self-healing with spontaneous movement, strength and flexibility, men’s health, childbirth education, postpartum recovery and baby massage.